digiJet® RFID02

digiJet® RFIDmobile

RFID Encoding System

Read, Encode and Verify RFID tag at 50000UPH

  • UHF Gen2 chip high speed encoding
  • Support 1D/2D barcode and OCR character reading
  • Encode SGTIN-128 with automatic self-serialization and database
  • High reliability and heavy duty
RFID Personalisation System

Read, Encode, Print and Verify RFID tag at 30000UPH

  • High performance UHF Gen2 chip encoding and variable data printing
  • 108mm wide print head and 600dpi print quality
  • Reliable UV LED air cool curing technology
  • User friendly software UI
  • 100% process control, tracking and diverting
  • SKU counting, sorting and stacking
RFID Labelling System

Apply RFID labels at high speed

  • Modular 1 to 4 label applicators
  • Servo label application precision
  • Label placement 1-15 in a row
  • Provide nonstop continuous dual unwind labelling
  • OIT/PLC programmable controls